Hearing aid in Hanoi

Hearing aids and Hearing care services in Hanoi

If you are expat living in Hanoi and having problem with your hearing, please contact us at Chau Au hearing care center located at 29 Giai Phong, Dong Tam, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. We provide comprehensive hearing care services such as hearing tests, hearing aid consultation, hearing aid trial, hearing aid fitting, repair hearing aids.etc,.

Địa chỉ mua máy trợ thính tại hà nội uy tín
Địa chỉ mua máy trợ thính tại hà nội uy tín

Chau Au hearing care center was equipped will all modern audiological equipment to ensure the most precise hearing test results. We perform Pure Tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, OAE, ABR, ASSR, free field aided test,…

Hearing aids in Hanoi

We are also the official distributor of Oticon hearing aid (one of the most famous hearing aid brands in the world). With the excellent sound quality, great cosmetic design, Oticon hearing aids was one of the best choice for hearing aid users.

Oticon hearing aids come with different price points suitable to your budget. Most of the Oticon hearing aid will be covered with 1 to 1 exchange warranty policy for 2 years.

Please come to our center to experience the sound from BrainHeaing technology of Oticon Hearing aid.

Hearing aid battery in Hanoi

Chau Au hearing care center provides all sizes of hearing aid battery. You can come to our shop for purchasing or we also can deliver to your address.

The hearing aid batteries that we provide were made in Germany with good quality.

Hearing aid fitting in Hanoi

If you are using Oticon hearing aid and need to fine tuning the hearing aid, please contact us. We have all the necessary equipment and software to do it for you.


Earmould and hearing aid repair service in Hanoi

We are having the most high tech lab for hearing aid in Hanoi. We can do earmould, customized hearing aid and hearing aid repair services.

Cấu tạo và những chức năng của các bộ phận thiết bị máy trợ thính
cau tao may tro thinh

Please contact us: 02473026626


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